What is KCST and Who Can Join?

Name: Kawaii Cuteness Street Team

Region: GLOBAL

Profile: Our Team goals are to bring potential customers in touch with our Kawaii crafts. Our Team will use social media, blogging and other platforms to attract customers. As a Team we will also participate in various activities & events that will be designed to increase traffic, visibility and sales. Our Team will help us mentor those who need it, research new ideas to implement into our marketing scheme, and to support & protect our rights as crafters & sellers. Our final and probably most fun goal is to spread as much Kawaii Cuteness as possible! 

Requirements: There are 2 basic requirements for membership:

1) your shop MUST carry a minimum of 3 Kawaii items at all times!
2) your shop items MUST consist of crafting supplies and/or hand-made crafts only!

  • it is ok to carry other types of crafts as long as you have at least 3 Kawaii at ALL times.
  • if 30 days go by and your shop hasn't added the 3 Kawaii items necessary for membership, you will be suspended until you replenish your stock.
  • Kawaii is NOT subject to interpretation. It has a distinct character (read description here). If something is cute to you, it doesn't automatically make it Kawaii!
  • if you feel your shop item(s) do have the Kawaii characteristics and KCST has already determined otherwise, you can ask the members to take an annonymous vote to help make a final decision.
  • your items (according to Etsy policy) must be handmade crafts OR crafting supplies.
  • shops carrying large inventories will be closely examined to ensure they're not passing "mass produced" items as handmade crafts! 
  • suspects will not make KCST membership and may be reported to Etsy officials. 
  • our members (as well as all Etsians) will NOT compete against factory made products!

Contact: Chryssy Holtzhauer kryskreations@yahoo.com and put Kawaii Cuteness STREET Team in the Subj. line.

Links: For Links, Buttons and Codes check the Buttons & Banners area

Events: Our current Activities:

-increase membership
-fave each other's shop
-work on KCST Treasuries
-prepare to make a Summer or On Sale display
-get on Facebook
-get on Twitter
-get on Google+
-get on Pinterest

When You Register Here: Introduce yourself (in member section) and answer these questions!

1. Your Name:
2. Etsy URL:
3. How long on Etsy?
4. Blogging Experience?
5. Graphic Design Experience?
6. HTML Experience?
7. Do you belong to another Street Team? Which one?
8. Do you have time to be a Moderator for our Team?
9. Do you have knowledge to be a Project Manager for our Team?
10. What is your favorite Kawaii Character?

***We need 1 project manager & 2 moderators for our team! If you have some blogging knowledge and a little spare time, please indicate it in your introduction. You will be given full access to this site and will be able to check mail as well as design & and add widget componenets to develop this site.